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You're at the Board for a Mandatory Settlement Conference. You are working out
of your lap, or at a cramped table. You need your notes, your pre-prepared five-pager, the medical reports you plan to file, your informed consent, other exhibits, etc. You
reach into the depths of your litigation bag and pull out some wrinkled papers, or
maybe you come up short.

An easy and inexpensive way to keep everything organized and unwrinkled is to
sort your documents into labeled, reusable 6 pocket expanding files. If you buy five
or so of these and then reuse them, it is an economical way to keep papers organized. Google "6 Pocket Expanding File" for best deals or go to your local office supply store.

Labels you might consider: "Settle," "Forms," "5-pager," "Notes," "File," "Exhibits."
It saves time to organize your documents at the time you file a Declaration of
Readiness to Proceed or receive one from the other side.

When back at the office from the conference, you can remove the documents and then recycle the file.

MSC Mess? Tame it with a low-tech
paper organizer

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