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This issue, Marjory Harris reviews some really bad movies.

A mailer arrives shaped like a
Minutes, maybe hours
of boredom await or worse, the
applicant's case is heading south.

Most of the time, while watching the
film, I yawn and say, so what?
Other times, I find years of hard
work going for naught, as the rating
diminishes with every frame. I
dread the client’s tears and anger.
“It’s not me!” or “I always use my
cane – they filmed me the one time
I didn’t” and the like.

I watch the film once, and if it is a
“so what?” one, I do nothing further
at that point, other than to notify the
client. If there is anything
worrisome about it, I do a thorough
analysis (See “How to Analyze Surveillance Videotapes”)

Here is a sampler of memorable videos.

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See How to Analyze Surveillance Videotapes in this issue

Smoking Gun

“War stories” relating a personal experience
with finding evidence or indisputable proof
("smoking gun") that won or lost a case. Let
others learn from your victories or mistakes.
Send your story to Marjory Harris at mharrislaw@earthlink.net
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