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getMedLegal Interviews
Credit in Third-Party Cases: How to Coordinate the Civil and WC Cases
Interview with James G. Butler, Esq.

The Life Care Planner:
Interview with Janice Skiljo Haris, RN by Marjory Harris, Esq.

Structured Settlements: The Whole Truth About the "Doughnut Hole"
Interview with Steve Chapman

People Who Made a Difference:

Interview with Linda Atcherley, Esq.

Structured Settlements: More Tips From a Structure Specialist
Interview with Steve Chapman

How to Survive the “Reforms”:

Lon E. Peek, II, Esq.

How to Get the Applicant the Best Medical Treatment and Evidence
Roger W. Stucky, Esq.

Structured Settlements: Tips from a Structure Specialist

Interview with Steve Chapman

The Nurse Case Manager:
Sue Bowers, RN, BSN, CCM

The Physical Therapist:
Allen L. Ling, MPT, OCS

AMA Guides: Beyond the Tables

Charles R. Rondeau, Esq.

Vocational Expert Witness:
Robert Cottle, Ed.D.
People Who Made a Difference:
Profile on William Herreras, Esq.

The Subsequent Injuries Fund &
SB 899:

Interview with Eugene C. Treaster, Esq.

People Who Made a Difference:
Melissa C. Brown, Esq.

The Vocational Expert Witness:
Interview with Sanrda Schuster, M.P.A.

How to Get Short or Long Term Disability Benefits:
Interview with Tim Fricker, Esq.

People Who Made a Difference:
Barry J. Williams, Esq. is remembered by his widow, Dee, and friends and colleagues.

How to Use Subpoenaed Records in Social Security Cases:
Interview with Frederick George Craw, Esq.

Structured Settlements: Why a Structure Specialist Reviews Subpoenaed Records:

Interview with Steve Chapman

Proving Permanent Disability Under New Labor Code §4660:
Interview with Tom Martin, Esq.

People Who Made a Difference:
Interview with Jettie Pierce Selvig, Esq.

Interview with Commissioner
Mervin N. Glow

Learn about the changes in WC discovery since Hardesty, Glow's achievements and the current state of WC law and practice.

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